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Return of 70’s Bollywood Retro Fashion: Ideas on How to Create a Fashionable Retro Look

Revive the vibrant fashion of 1970’s Bollywood with these retro styling tips. Embrace high-waist bell-bottoms and colorful prints to create a trendy, nostalgic wardrobe.

Seventies Bollywood fashion is making a striking comeback, infusing contemporary styles with a nostalgic twist. The era known for its bold and flamboyant aesthetics offers endless inspiration for those seeking a touch of vintage glamour in their everyday fashion. With the resurgence of classic silhouettes and patterns, from flowy kaftans and polka dots to fitted cholis and statement sleeves, the opportunity to blend retro charm with modern sensibilities has never been more accessible.

Integrating these elements into current trends sets the stage for a dynamic and eye-catching look that pays homage to the iconic styles of the Bollywood yesteryears. Icons like Zeenat Aman and Amitabh Bachchan pioneered looks that today’s fashionistas can adapt, ensuring that each outfit is not only a throwback but also a trendy nod to the past.

Introduction To 70’s Bollywood Retro Fashion

The flamboyant era of the 1970s Bollywood holds a special place in the fashion hall of fame. Iconic for its vivid colors, bell-bottoms, and polka dots, 70’s Bollywood retro fashion serves as an endless wellspring of inspiration. This period was not just about movies; it transcended into the very fibers of style that define many trends today. Let’s dive into the golden age of Bollywood and explore how you can channel this dynamic fashion era.

Evolution Of Retro Fashion In Bollywood

The 70s marked a significant shift in Bollywood fashion. Stars donned outrageous costumes, psychedelic prints, and platform shoes. This was the time disco fever was at its peak, influencing fashion on and off the silver screen. It all started with the bell-bottom trousers that became synonymous with the decade. The key was bold experimentation, from Mumtaz’s iconic saree drapes to Amitabh Bachchan’s unmistakable suits.

Floral patterns, Bell-bottoms Men  Retro Fashion In Bollywood photo

Popularity Of Retro Fashion In Recent Times

The allure of 70’s Bollywood fashion is unmistakable even today. Brands and designers often revisit this era, reimagining retro elements with a modern twist. Contemporary movies and fashion shows pay homage to the 70s aesthetic, proving its timeless appeal. Vintage stores see young fashion enthusiasts scouring for authentic 70’s apparel while modern wardrobes blend these retro styles with current trends. This resurgence is not just about nostalgia; it’s about celebrating an era that continues to influence the world of fashion.

  • Revivals in fashion shows
  • 70’s theme parties and events
  • Retro-inspired collections by designers

Key Elements Of 70’s Bollywood Retro Look

The 70’s era in Bollywood was iconic for its unique style and bold fashion statements. This glamorous time is swinging back into trend, captivating fashionistas with its flamboyant aesthetic. To rock the retro vibe, here are the key ingredients to incorporate into a wardrobe for that quintessential 70’s Bollywood look.

Bold Prints And Patterns

The 70’s were all about standing out. Think geometric shapes and psychedelic prints. Bollywood icons strutted in outfits with visible, contrasting designs.

Floral motifs and paisley patterns adorned everything from shirts to dresses. For a touch of this era, choose a garment with a bold print and wear it with confidence.

Flared Pants And Bell-bottoms

Flared pants and bell-bottoms were the rage. This style defined the 70’s silhouette, flaring outward from the knee.

Denim Bell-bottoms Mens 70's Bollywood photo

Vibrant Colors

  • Hues like yellow, red, and orange were dominant in 70’s Bollywood fashion.
  • Electric blues and greens also made a statement.

Incorporating these colors through accessories or outfits captures the 70’s spirit. Mix and match these shades for a dynamic ensemble.

Statement Accessories

  1. Chunky necklaces
  2. Over-sized sunglasses
  3. Large hoop earrings
  4. Broad belts

These accessories were not just additions but focal points of the 70’s look. Select one or two statement pieces to elevate a simple retro outfit.

Creating A Fashionable Retro Look

The style of the 70’s Bollywood has made a glamorous comeback, sparking a fashion renaissance that’s hard to ignore. This era was known for its vibrant colors, flamboyant patterns, and statement-making ensembles. Creating a fashionable retro look isn’t just about throwing on a vintage dress; it’s about mastering the blend of old-school charm with contemporary fashion sensibilities. Let’s dive into how you can curate a look that pays homage to the golden era of Bollywood while looking chic and modern.

Choosing The Right Silhouette

The silhouette is the foundation of any outfit. For a true 70’s flair, consider flowing kaftans, high-waist bell-bottoms, or empire-line dresses. These silhouettes compliment the figure and are emblematic of the period. Balance is key; so if your bottom wear is flared, pair it with a fitted top, and vice versa.

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Mixing Retro And Modern Pieces

Integrating modern elements with vintage pieces can create a seamless, timeless look. Start with one statement retro item like a psychedelic print shirt or a polka-dot blouse, and then pair it with modern staples like skinny jeans or a sharp blazer. This blend ensures your ensemble is rooted in the present yet still carries the essence of the past.

  • Fitted T-Shirt + High-Waist Flares + Sneakers
  • Polka-Dot Blouse + Pencil Skirt + Pointed Heels

Accessorizing With Vintage-inspired Pieces

Accessories are the finishing touches that can elevate your retro look. Opt for chunky jewellery, oversized sunglasses, and bold, patterned scarves. Don’t shy away from layering pieces like long chains with medallions or stacking bangles on your wrist. A tip is to keep an eye out for accessory trends that cycle back into fashion and incorporate those.

Hair And Makeup For A 70’s Bollywood Retro Look

The enchanting world of ’70s Bollywood beckons once again, as retro fashion makes a stunning comeback. To truly capture the spirit of that era, blending the right hair and makeup into your look is paramount. Let’s dive into creating that perfect 70’s Bollywood retro style, focusing on hair and makeup that screams vintage chic.

Big, Voluminous Hair

The 70s were all about making a statement, and nothing said it louder than big, bouncy hair. To achieve the ultimate voluminous look:

  • Start with a good blowout, lifting at the roots for extra body.
  • Use large curlers or a thick-barreled curling iron for soft waves.
  • Tease the crown gently for height and drama.
  • Mist with hairspray to maintain the volume all day long.

Winged Eyeliner And Bold Eyeshadow

The eye makeup of the ’70s Bollywood divas was unmistakable. Capture the essence with:

  1. A thick, black winged eyeliner that extends just past the eyelid.
  2. Bright and daring eyeshadow colors like blue, green, or gold applied up to the crease.
  3. Bold mascara to add drama to your lashes.

Soft, Natural Lips

Balance the bold eyes with subdued lips. Achieve this by:

  • Choosing shades of peach, soft pink, or coral.
  • Applying a moisturizing lip balm to keep lips plump and hydrated.
  • Finish with a dab of gloss in the center for a full, lush look.

Celebrities’ Influence On Retro Fashion

The comeback of 70’s Bollywood fashion has taken the style scene by storm. Bollywood icons, with their massive fan followings, often set trends that dominate the wardrobes of millions. As these beloved celebrities don shimmering bell-bottoms and vibrant polka dots, they invoke a nostalgic yet fashionable retro era. The hypnotic charm of retro style, re-introduced by today’s stars, proves that old-school glamour never truly fades away.

Popular Bollywood Celebrities Embracing The Retro Trend

Bollywood A-listers are sparking the trend, redefining cool with a dash of vintage flair.

  • Ranveer Singh: Known for bold looks, he rocks flared trousers and retro prints.
  • Sonam Kapoor: A fashionista channeling elegant 70’s sarees and polka.
  • Anushka Sharma: Blends retro chic with modern touches beautifully.
  • Varun Dhawan: Adds a retro twist with printed shirts and classic sunglasses.

Celebrity-inspired Retro Fashion Looks

Embrace the retro vibe with these celebrity-inspired fashion cues:

What stands out with these looks? It’s their fearless embrace of patterns, bold colors, and a reminder that style has a cyclical nature that keeps reinventing itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make My Bollywood Look Retro?

To create a retro Bollywood look, choose vintage clothing from the 60s or 70s. Add classic accessories like big sunglasses. Style your hair in a beehive or sideburns. Use makeup trends of the era, like winged eyeliner. Incorporate traditional elements like polka dots or paisleys.

How Do I Make My Outfit Look Retro?

Choose vintage-inspired pieces from thrift stores. Add classic accessories like scarves or pearl necklaces. Opt for retro patterns like polka dots or stripes. Wear high-waisted pants or A-line skirts for a vintage silhouette. Complete the look with hairstyles and makeup from your chosen era.

What Is 70s Retro Style?

The 70s retro style is characterized by vibrant colors, bell-bottom pants, floral patterns, and platform shoes, reflecting the era’s funky and eclectic fashion trends.

How To Dress Retro 70s?

To dress retro 70’s, opt for bell-bottom jeans, vibrant tie-dye shirts, and platform shoes. Include accessories like wide belts and oversized sunglasses. Choose paisley prints or velvet materials for an authentic touch. Complete the look with a peace sign necklace or a headband.


Embracing 70’s Bollywood retro fashion injects nostalgia into your wardrobe. Mix timeless pieces with modern flair for a standout look. Whether through flared jeans or polka dots, capturing this era’s essence can be a sartorial adventure. So, dive into retro with zeal and let your style echo the vibrancy of the 70s.

Keep it groovy and fashionable!

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