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20 Motivational Quotes For Indian Men That Will Change Your Perspective On Life

Today we bring your 20 motivational quotes for Indian men that will help you to be inspired if you are feeling low or are losing confidence. We have also given a brief introduction about the great men who wrote them so that you can know more about these exceptional individuals and get inspired by their thoughts. Try to read them carefully and implement the advice in your daily life to become a successful man.

Motivational Quotes For Indian Men

These quotes are from great thinkers, role models, businessmen and many other famous and successful men from around the world. Read on to get a fresh dose of motivation and also get a glimpse of the men who wrote them. We hope this will help you learn something new today and get inspired by the great mind that wrote these quotes.

1) “You Cannot Conquer A Free Man. The Most You Can Do Is Kill Him.” – Robert Heinlein

Robert Heinlein was an American science fiction author, aeronautical engineer, and naval officer. He wrote several short stories, novels, etc that were scientifically accurate as he was an engineer himself. 

In this he says that it is difficult to conquer a man who is free. The most harm that you can do to a free man is that you can kill him. This is because a free man will prefer to die before being conquered.

2) “Forgive Others, Not Because They Deserve Forgiveness, But Becasue You Deserve Peace.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Jonathan Lockwood Huie is a famous American author who has written this amazing book called ‘100 Secrets for Living a Life You Love: Finding Happiness Despite Life’s Roadblocks’. He is known as “The Philosopher Of Happiness” and is also a successful tech businessman where he headed many companies in the Silicon Valley.

In this quote he gives an amazing perspective on forgiveness. When you are mad at someone, you don’t want to forgive them at any cost. This makes you more angry and brings negative energy to you. Thus the author says that you need to forgive the person because you deserve to stay in peace and not because that person deserves forgiveness.

3) “Holding A Grudge Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting The Other Person To Die.” – Gautam Buddha.

How doesn’t know Gautam Buddha? He is probably the greatest spiritual teacher and philosopher that ever walked the face of the earth. He is considered as the founder of the world religion called ‘Buddhism’ which is practiced by millions of people not only in India but worldwide.

In this quote, he shows us in a sarcastic way what it means to hold a grudge against someone. When you hold a grudge against someone, i.e. a sense of resentment towards someone for something that they said or did to you in the past, you are the one who is going to suffer. By holding this grudge, you think that the other person is going to suffer but in turn, you are the one who ends up suffering. 

4) “There Are Three Things All Wise Men Fear: The Sea in Storm, A Night With No Moon And The Anger Of A Gentle Man.” – Patrick Rothfuss.

Patrick Rothfuss is an award winning American writer famous for his trilogy called ‘The Killinger Chronicle”.  The quote mentioned above is from one of his bestselling books called ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’. 

The quote says that a wise man i.e. a man who is smart enough knows that he should not mess with three things. One is the sea in storm, other is a night with no moon and the third being the most important i.e. the anger of a gentle man. That’s because a gentle man will seem to be very harmless at first, but if you provoke him, his anger is as bad as the storm in the sea or a dark moonless night.

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5) “If You Want To Build A Ship, Don’t Drum Up The Men To Gather Wood, Divide The Work And Give Orders. Instead, Teach Them To Yearn For The Vast And Endless Sea.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupéry.

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry was a French writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist and pioneering aviator. During his glorious lifetime, he wrote several novels and books and also received many awards including the highest literary award from the French Government and the United States National Book Award.

In this quote he describes the best way to motivate men. If you want them to build a ship, instead of giving them work and telling them what to do, the best way is to make them inspired to travel the sea and experience its grandeur. This way men will be more motivated and feel that they are a part of something grand instead of merely being a crew of workers.

In your day-today life you can implement this by thinking that the work that you do on a daily basis is the means to accomplish something great and is not defined by the small daily activities that you do at work.

6) “The Surest Way To Corrupt A Youth Is To Instruct Him To Hold In Higher Esteem Those Who Think Alike Than Those Who Think Differently.” – Nietzsche.

Fredrich Wilhelm Nietzsche commonly known just as ‘Nietzsche’, was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, writer, and philologist. He is regarded as one of he greatest writes in modern history and his work have inspired not only common people but also great thinkers of our generation.

In this quote, he warns us that we are corrupting our youth by telling them to follow people who think like everyone else. Instead the should follow people who think differently. This means that you should not follow the herd like sheep but follow someone who dares to think out of the box and makes his own history.

7) “The Whole Problem With The World Is That Fools And Fanatics Are Always So Certain Of Themselves But Wiser People Are So Full Of Doubts.” – Bertrand Russel.

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, simply known as Bertrand Russel was a great philosopher who also belonged to a very affluent royal British family. He also received a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950 for his enormous contribution to humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought.

In this quote, he shows us the reality of our society where fools and fanatics (people who follow others blindly) are fully confident about their motives. Whereas, the wise people always doubt themselves and their ability to do anything. Thus, all wise men (like us) must never doubt ourselves and have full faith in our actions.

8) “There Are Two Ways To Live: You Can Live As If Nothing Is A Miracle, Or You Can Live As If Everything Is A Miracle.” – Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein needs no introduction. The man who is know as the greatest physicist of all times was also a great writer and a philosopher. When he was not busy writing the renowned ‘Theory Of Relativity or other theories on quantum physics, he wrote some great thought that will force you to think differently about life.

In this quote, he gives us two options by which we can choose to live our life. The first is by thinking that nothing is a miracle i.e. always live like a pessimist blaming something for your failures. Or, you can live like thinking that everything is a miracle and live like an optimist being grateful for what you already posses and what you have achieved in the past and will achieve in the future.

9) “The Fishermen Know That The Sea Is Dangerous And The Storm Is Terrible But They Have Never Found These Dangers Sufficient Reason For Remaining Ashore.” – Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Duth painter who became famous for his paintings after his death. During his lifetime, he made more than 2100 paintings including the famous ones like ‘The Starry Night‘, ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Wheatfield With Crows’. He also wrote some inspiring thought one of which is mentioned above.

Here he tells us how fishermen will dare to go into the stormy sea, even though they know that it is dangerous because they don’t think that it is a sufficient excuse to stay out of the sea. This means that you need to do whatever you are supposed to do without being afraid of the challenges involved in it and without giving any excuses.

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10) “Most People Work Just Hard Enough Not To Get Fired And Get Paid Just Enough Money Not To Quit.” – George Carlin.

George Denis Patrick Carlin was explosive combination of a stand-up comedian, an actor, a social critic and a writer. His writing style was that of a satirical nature and he wrote about the issues faced by the society in a comical way.

Keeping that style in mind, he wrote this quote which tells us the harsh reality of our society where most people are truly miserable in their work life. They keep on working like machines without any happiness and satisfaction so that they don’t get fired. On the other hand, taking advantage of this misery of theirs, the bosses pay them just a little above their expectations so that they do not have the courage to quit the job. 

This quote inspires us to get rid of our jobs if we are not satisfied with them and move on to something that will make us happy and satisfied mentally.

11) “Many People Die At 25 And Aren’t Buried Until They Are 75” – Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding father of the United States was also a scientist, an inventor, a writer and a philosopher among many other things. He was the 6th President of the United States and also played a huge role in the invention of electricity.

In this quote, he gives us a shocking wake up call about how young people like us have lost the true meaning to life. He says that many people die at 25, not literally but mentally and aren’t buried till the time that they actually die. We kill our dreams and hopes in our adult life and continue to live like zombies in a world that we cannot change, when it is not true.

2) “Ever Tried? Ever Failed? No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.” – Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett was an Irish novelist and a short-story writer. His writing style was that of black humor and he also won a Nobel Prize for literature in 1969.

In this quote, he encourages us to keep trying no matter how many times we fail. After we have failed, we need to try again and fail better next time until we finally succeed. We always learn from our mistakes and failures. Thus we need to take them sportingly and and learn a lesson from every failure without giving up.

13) “Curious That We Spend More Time Congratulating People Who Have Succeeded Than Encouraging People Who Have Not” – Neil Degrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American scientist, scientist, author and speaker. During his celebrated career, he has received numerous awards, honors and honorary doctorates.

In this quote, he brings to our notice the irony of our society where we give more importance to congratulating people rather than encouraging those who need it. Thus, to be a better person, we need to spend more time in helping other succeed by encouraging and empowering them.

14) “Time Changes Everything. That’s What People Say. It’s Not True. Doing Things Changes Things. Not Doing Things Leaves Things Exactly As They Were” – House

Dr. House who is the main character of the popular TV Series House is the first one of the two fictional persons on this list. Thus, we can skip the part about his introduction and move on to the meaning of this brainy quote that he says in the show.

Here Dr. House says that, contrary to the popular belief, we are under a wrong impression that time heals all wounds. If you want to mend things, you have to work on them. You can’t just sit there waiting for things to change themselves.

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15) “A Man Cannot Build A Reputation On What He Is Going To Do” – Henry Ford

Henry Ford who is known as the inventor or modern automobiles was also a highly successful inventor, an industrialist and the founder of Ford motor company. He also introduced a lot of automations in the production process and is also credited with the invention of the assembly line.

This quote by him is a short one but it takes a second for us to realize what it actually means. Ford says that if you want to build a reputation for yourself, you cannot do it on the basis of what you are going to do (in the future). You need to stop planning and start doing stuff in order to build a reputation. You are not going to accomplish anything by merely planning for it.

16) “Its So Hard To Forget Pain But Its Even Harder To Remember Sweetness. We have No Scar To Show For Happiness. We Learn So Little From Peace.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk is an award winning American writer who is known for his book ‘Fight Club’ which was later adapted into a blockbuster movie. He started from a very poor background and went through a rough childhood but soon became quite successful in his field.

In this quote, he gives us an optimistic approach to life and tells us that we care so much about our pains but care little about our happiness. You always tend to remember your bad days and all the negative things that have happened to you but you rarely cherish the good things that happened with you. We should appreciate the peaceful times that we have had in the past and learn from it.

17) “Courage Doesn’t Always Roar. Sometimes Courage Is A Quiet Voice At The End Of The Day Saying. “I Will Try Again Tomorrow”.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Mary Anne Radmacher is the author of the book titled ‘Courage Doesn’t Always Roar’ i which she has written this amazing quote.

She says that courage doesn’t always make noise as it is believed to be. Some people show courage in a dramatic way but some show it in very simple ways. Courage is also shown when someone does not give up at the end of each day and shows the willingness to try again the next day.

18) “The Reason We Struggle With Insecurity Is Because We Compare Our Behind-The-Scenes With Everyone Else’s Highlight Reel.” – Steven Furtickr

Steven Furtick Jr. is an American pastor and songwriter. Through his incredible thoughts and speeches, he has motivated and inspired thousands of people.

In this quote he gives us a stark realization about how we underestimate ourselves and start feeling insecure. It happens because we start comparing the things that we are about to do with those things that people have already done. We never look at their shortcomings or failures.

For instance, if you are building a business, you compare you current status with other people who have already accomplished success. You don’t consider the years of hard work that they have put into it. Similarly, you still have to go through that phase of hard work. You will accomplish the same when your time comes. The moment we start comparing our failures to theirs, we will be less insecure about our own abilities.

19) “On Your Death Bed, You Are Visited By The Person That You Could Have Been.” – Unknown

An unknown person has written this quote but whoever he or she is, has given us a loud wake up call.

This quote means that all our lives we try to work towards a goal of who we want to be but by the time you finally achieve it, you are already on your death bed. Thus, before it is too late, start working towards your dreams and goals so that you do not regret it later.

20) “Your Future Hasn’t Been Written Yet. No One’s Has. Your Future Is Whatever You Make It. So Make It A Good One..” – Dr. Emmett L. Brown

The second fictional character on this list, Dr. Emmett L. Brown is the crazy scientist from the movie franchise ‘Back To The Future’. In one of the movie’s he is seen saying this confusing but true quote.

He says that like everyone else, your future is still to be written and you are the only person who is going to write your future.  Nobody else is going to do it for you. So pull up our socks and get going because you need to make your future a good one.

On this positive note, we come to the conclusion of our list about the ‘Best Motivational Quotes For Indian Men‘. We hope that even if you were able to get a single good thing from this list then our efforts are put to good use.

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