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23 Best Hairstyles For Men In India (2024) – Set Some Serious Hairstyle Goals With These New Men’s Hairstyles For Short, Medium & Long Hair

Presenting the best hairstyles for men in India 2024 for short, medium or long, straight or curly, we have covered all the new hairstyles of 2024 in this article.

There are few things in life that give you more happiness than getting a perfect haircut. A good haircut is a part of your identity and can also make or break your first impression. It also helps you build confidence and adds a lot of character to your personality.

Thus, to help you get inspiration for your next perfect hairstyle, we have compiled this list of the Best Hairstyles For Men In India for 2024. In this article, you will find the new men’s hairstyles in India for 2024 to keep you updated with the latest in hair styling.

We scoured Instagram to find the latest hairstyles for men in India by some of the top Instagrammers and Influencers and here are some of the top among them.

Best Hairstyles For Men In India 2024

Below is our list of the best new men’s hairstyles in India for 2024 in no particular order.

1: Mohawk With A Tapered Fade – Hairstyle By CK


The first one on our list of the best hairstyles for men in India for 2022 is this mohawk paired with a tapered fade to the bottom by CK. Mohawk hairstyles are always in fashion and if you’re confident enough to pull them off, they can be a great addition to your personality.

But mind you, this hairstyle requires taking a lot of care to maintain it in its proper shape. So go for it only if you’re willing to put in the extra effort every day.

2: Curly Curtains – Hairstyle By Laksh Dedha


This one is for those of you who have long curly hair. With this hairstyle, you can partition your long curly hair from the middle giving it an appearance like two curtains on your face giving it the name ‘Curly Curtains’.

The reason why it’s the best men’s hairstyle in India for curly hair is because it’s easy to maintain and gives you a rugged look just like the one featured above by Laksh Dedha.

3: Messy Man Bun – Hairstyle By Monish Chandan


Another hairstyle for men with curly hair is the messy man bun where you can tie up your hair behind your head in a small bun. Featured above is Monish Chandan with a classic messy man bun that helps you to reduce hair fall by tieing up your messy hair and still pulling off the gentleman look.

4: One-Sided Tousled Top – Hairstyle By Manish Khokar


If you hate combs then this one is for you. For men with medium-length hair, you can simply style it with the help of your fingers on one side with a tousled top. A perfect hairstyle for men with medium length wavy hair who wish to get an easy hairstyle.

Save precious time and get the perfect casual look with this hairstyle featured above by Manish Khokar.

5: Brushed Up Quiff – Hairstyle By Rupesh Kumar


If you want a hairstyle that is suitable for a formal as well as a casual look, then go for this brushed-up quiff hairstyle. As seen in the image featured above by Rupesh Kumar, this hairstyle goes well with a casual outfit or formal outfits and occasions.

It is also suitable for most men’s face shapes whether it is an oval-shaped, round-shaped, or triangular-shaped face.

6: High Top Fade – Hairstyle By Monu


A perfect hairstyle for the summer, the high top fade gives you a cool tapering fade on the back and sides of your head keeping you cool in the heat. You can also ask the barber to get creative with some closely trimmed lines between the fade and the top.

The top of the hair is brushed up or simply styled with your fingers just as seen in the image above featuring Monu. Style it up with the help of good hair wax and you’re good to go.

7: Classic Buzz Cut – Hairstyle By Jai Tiwari


The classic buzz cut has been and will always be one of the best hairstyles for men in India as it is the easiest to maintain and gives you zero stress about making your hair perfect every morning. If you ride a motorcycle and use a helmet daily, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Featured above is Jai Tiwari in a classic buzz cut.

8: The Classic Quiff – Hairstyle By Prakash Verma


A hairstyle made famous by Hollywood stars and many other celebrities, the classic quiff is next on our list of the best men’s hairstyles in India for 2024. As seen in the above image featuring Prakash Verma, the quiff hairstyle looks amazing for any occasion and can be maintained with minimum effort.

9: Messy Quiff & Spikes With Tapered Edges – Hairstyle By Aftab Idrisi


Another variation of the quiff is the messy quiff with spikes on the top. One of the best new hairstyles for men in India, this one is sure to grab attention wherever you go and gives you a funky yet classy look. Aftab Idrisi shows us how to pull this hairstyle off perfectly in the image featured above.

10: Side Swept Tousled Quiff – Hairstyle By Manav Rawat


The next hairstyle on our list of the best men’s hairstyles in India for 2024 is yet another variation of the quiff. This side-styled tousled quiff sported by Manav Rawat is one of the hottest new men’s hairstyles in India this season. It is suitable for men who have medium-length wavy hair and a triangular or a long face shape.

11: Long-Top Brushed Up Quiff – Hairstyle By Abheer Tyagi


Featured above is Abheer Tyagi in a long top brushed up quiff which is suitable for men with dense matte hair. The sides have a tapered fade to highlight the top which can be easily styled with the help of hair wax or spray after you blow-dry while setting them. Add a few highlights or colors to this hairstyle and you can never go wrong with it.

12: Wavy Messy Spikes – Hairstyle By Srujan


A classic hairstyle to get the boy-next-door look perfect for college-going guys is the messy wavy spikes. It’s easy to set and maintain and looks great with casual outfits. Style it up with the help of hair wax and you’re good to go. In the above image, Srujan shows us how to pull off the wavy spikes hairstyle with ease.

13: Layered Asymmetric Cut – Hairstyle By Siddhant Sachdeva


One of the latest and new hairstyles for men in India is the layered asymmetric cut. This hairstyle gives you a lot of volume to your hair and also helps you to style it with different colors if you want to have a funky hairstyle. Featured above is Siddhant Sachdeva in a layered asymmetric hairstyle for men which adds a lot of character to the personality.

14: Medium Length Side Partition – Hairstyle By Rehbar Shaikh


The classic middle partition hairstyle for men has always been in style and will remain to be in trend for years to come. A perfect hairstyle for men with straight medium-length hair, this hairstyle is suitable for men with an oval face shape and looks great in formal as well as casual settings. In the image above, Rehbar Shaikh is seen sporting this suave hairstyle.

15: Brushed Up Faux Hawk – Hairstyle By Vicky Raizada


A variation of the mohawk hairstyle, the faux-hawk as the name suggest is an imitation or an artificial mohawk hairstyle but a less dramatic one. To achieve this hairstyle, use a good amount of pomade to style up your hair with the help of a hairbrush to keep it in place all day long just like the one above by Vicky Raizada.

16: Messy Top Undercut – Hairstyle By Kashif Ahmed


Another one of the best hairstyles for men in India for 2024 is the messy top undercut shown in the image above by Kashif Ahmed. The hair is trimmed almost fully from the bottom, slightly increasing the length as you reach the top. Then on the top, you can style your hair into spikes with the help of hair wax to keep it in place.

17: Tousled One Side Medium Length – Hairstyle By Rishi Chopra


Tousled hair is a slightly less messy version of messy hair that is styled without a comb or a brush. In this hairstyle as featured above by Rishi Chopra, you can see that the hair is medium length and is styled by simply pushing them to one side with the help of your fingers. If you apply hair oil regularly, you can go for this hairstyle.

18: Low Fade Brushed Up Side – Hairstyle By Absar Habib


A very classy and clean hairstyle that is next on our list of the best hairstyles for men in India for 2024 is the low fade brushed up hairstyle as seen above by Absar Habib. In this hairstyle, your sides and back are trimmed from the bottom with a gradual fade towards the top. It is a perfect hairstyle for men with all face shapes whether you have a round, oval or triangular face.

19: Dense Top Man Bun With Beard – Hairstyle By Horatious Pinto


The next one on our list of the best hairstyles for men in India is the dense top man bun as featured above by Horatious Pinto. This one is for those of you who have long curly hair and want to keep them organized and avoid hair fall. Tie up your hair in a dense bun on the crown of your head to achieve this look.

Very easy to maintain and set up, this man bun will surely add a lot of character to your personality and when paired with an equally glorious beard, it gives you a unique look that will make heads turn.

20: Classic Slicked Back Hair – Hairstyle By Armaan Souri


Another classic and probably the most gentlemanly hairstyle on this list is the slicked-back hairstyle for men. If you’re someone who loves the clean suave look, then this one is for you. A perfect hairstyle for formal or traditional occasions, the slicked-back hair is styled with the help of a comb and oil or pomade. Armaan Souri, in the image above, pulls this hairstyle off perfectly.

21: Medium Brushed Up Spikes With Low Fade – Hairstyle By Er Prince


If you like spiked hair then you can go for the medium brushed up spikes with a low fade hairstyle as seen in the above image featuring Er Prince. This one requires a little bit of effort while setting up daily and keeping it in place with the help of hair wax.

The bottom is trimmed into a low fade to the top. Also, if you want to keep this hairstyle looking good regularly, you need to frequently visit your barber – at least once in two weeks to keep the hair in proper length.

22: Curly Bob – Hairstyle By Aryan Singh

Curly Bob

If you have wavy long hair, this hairstyle as seen above featuring Aryan Singh is perfect for you. Similar to the bob cut, this haircut has shoulder-length curly hair partitioned a little off the middle or on one side, depending on your preference. A very easy-to-maintain hairstyle for men with curly long hair, when teamed up with a beard gives you a classic rugged look.

23: Classic Manbun – Hairstyle By Vykhey


No list of the best hairstyles for men in India would be complete without the classic man-bun. A centuries-old hairstyle sported by Chinese warriors, the man bun has not changed much and even today it is one of the preferred hairstyles for men with long hair. There are many variations of the man bun but this one featured above by Vykhey is the most simple and easy to maintain option.

Now that you have seen some of the best men’s hairstyles in India for 2024, we hope that you have got enough inspiration for your next hairstyle. To help you take care of your hair better we have compiled a brief hair-care guide below.

Men’s Hair Care Guide

Having a great hairstyle is meaningless if your hair is not healthy. The hairstyle may look good in the first couple of days but eventually, it turns into a mess if you do not take proper care of your hair. Check out the tips below to keep your hair healthy.

Invest In Good Hair-Care Products

The most important tip to keep your hair healthy is to invest in the right hair care products. Stay away from cheap and chemical-laden shampoos, conditioners, and pomade. Make sure that the products that you use are organic and free from harmful chemicals that will spoil your hair in the due course of time.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Believe it or not, one of the secrets to having healthy hair is the food that you eat. Include a lot of dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and leafy vegetables in your diet to keep your hair healthy. Check out this great article that you can refer to know more about a proper diet for healthy hair.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Keeping your scalp healthy is quite understandably an important part of your hair care routine. Regularly oiling and using a good shampoo and conditioner will help your scalp remain clean and healthy. A healthy scalp gives nourishment to your hair in turn keeping them healthy.

Hair Washing Tips

Always wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. If you want them with hot water, they’re going to suffer in the long run. Washing your scalp with cold water also helps in good blood circulation, thus helping in improving hair quality. Also after washing, do not vigorously rub your hair with a towel, pat them gently and avoid using hot air for blow-drying.

This brings us to the end of our list of the best hairstyles for men in India for 2024. If we have missed out on any of your favorite hairstyles, please mention in the comments below.

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