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10 Best Laptop Bags For Men In India (2024) – The Complete List With Different Types Of Laptop Bags

Today we present to you the Best Laptop Bags for Men in India for 2024. A good laptop bag is a must-have accessory for any working professional. It should be both, good-looking and functional to use.

Not only does it serve the purpose of carrying your most valuable gadget, but it is also a reflection of your personality. You can make a lasting style statement by simply carrying the right laptop bag that suits the occasion and your dressing.

Types Of Laptop Bags For Men In India

  • Laptop Backpacks – Suitable for students or working professionals who prefer performance over style. These bags are easy to carry, long-lasting, and highly functional with the most space available to store a lot of things other than your laptop and a charger.
Laptop Backpacks photo

Sling Bags – Stylish, sleek, and easy to carry, the sling bags are suitable for your daily commute. If you don’t like backpacks, sling bags are the second best option for you. They can be easily hung over one shoulder, keeping your hands free for other things like riding a bike or commuting. It is also very easy to reach into these bags as you do not need to remove them from your shoulders.

Sling Bags photo

Briefcase – Briefcase style bags and cases for men who are looking for some serious business. If you want to look very professional and do not mind keeping one hand busy holding the bag, then go for the briefcase-style laptop bag. It can easily hold your laptop charger and any important documents. The chances of theft are very rare with these types of bags as you are always holding them in your hands.

Briefcase photo

Laptop Tote Bags – Not very popular but a good option if you want to show off your style. This one is for people who want to make a style statement with their bags and people who prefer looks over functionality. They come in various designs and can also be customised as per your need.

Laptop Tote Bags photo

Laptop Messenger Bags – Stylish, convenient, and practical. These bags are best if you commute a lot in public transport or ride a bike. Similar to the sling bags, it is very easy to access the contents of the bag and keep your hands free.

Laptop Messenger Bags photo

Laptop Sleeves – Sleek and smart. Not exactly a bag that you can wear on your shoulder as it doesn’t usually have a handle. You simply use it as a laptop cover and hold it in your hand. They are mostly for the protection of the laptop rather than carrying it.

Laptop Sleeves photo

There are many options available in the market but today we will see the top ten. We have ranked them on the basis of looks, ease of use, practicality, and functionality. So below are the top 10 Best Laptop Bags For Men In India in no particular order.

The Best Laptop Bags For Men In India

1. Dell 15 Essential Backpack

This one comes officially from Dell and offers a great overall value. Whether you are looking for a laptop bag that is suitable for school, college, office, travel, or anything else, this would be a perfect choice for you.


  • Padded handles and shoulder straps
  • Two large padded compartments to keep the laptop safe
  • Durable polyester material
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design


  • Water resistant but not waterproof
  • Not very stylish looking
Dell 15 Essential Backpack photo

2. Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Bag

When it comes to bags and backpacks in India, Wildcraft provides some great options. This one is their best laptop bag available in India. It can easily fit a 16-inch laptop and comes with a variety of features to give you a comfortable experience.


  • Padded sleeve for laptop
  • Internal built-in organizer
  • Quick access pockets for accessories
  • Water bottle holder


  • Slightly expensive
  • No cushion at the bottom
  • Not fully waterproof
Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Bag photo

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3. Hammonds Flycatcher Genuine Leather Messenger Laptop Bag

This one is the best choice for a professional look and comes in genuine leather that gives it a very premium feel and looks. This laptop bag is a mixture of style, sophistication, utility, and performance. It will last with you for years as it is made from genuine leather.


  • Sophisticated design and premium feel
  • Easy sling attachment
  • Multiple compartments that can hold many other documents
  • Genuine leather makes it long-lasting. You can pass this bag to your future generations if required.


  • Not as comfortable to hold as a backpack
  • You need to get used to the leather smell if you’re not already comfortable with it.
  • Slightly heavy due to the leather and metal fittings
Hammonds Flycatcher Genuine Leather Messenger Laptop Bag photo

4. Amazon Basics Laptop and Tablet Case

One good thing that happened to India because of Amazon is Amazon Basics. Their products are of really good quality and total value for money. Take this laptop bag for example. Simple yet elegant. Lightweight yet durable. You get the full worth of the money you spend on this one.


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight material
  • Convenient outer pockets for accessories


  • Not very stylish as it is a need-based product rather than a stylish one
  • Not really waterproof
  • Not much internal space for your other stuff
Amazon Basics Laptop and Tablet Case photo

5. Scarters Lite Splash Proof Laptop Bag

If you like to travel light, then this is the best pick for you. This laptop bag is stylish and at a mere 600 grams, it is super lightweight. Looks wise this one probably ranks the highest as it looks professional as well as trendy.

The white and grey color gives it a very sophisticated look. Thus it is a good choice if you’re a student, professional, artist, traveler, etc.


  • Super lightweight
  • Splash proof material
  • The small size makes it easy to carry and travel


  • Less internal space
  • Need to maintain as the color is light and might get spoilt by dust and water
Scarters Lite Splash Proof Laptop Bag photo

6. K London Leatherite Handmade Men’s Laptop Bag

Style meets substance with this men’s laptop bag available in India. Its dual-tone elegant design is sure to attract a lot of eyeballs. What makes it one of the best men’s laptop bags in India is handmade but not genuine leather. It is basically made out of leatherette which is synthetic leather. But there is no compromise on quality with this one.


  • Elegant dual-tone design
  • Padded bottom to keep the laptop safe
  • Build quality is very good considering the price of the product


  • Not genuine leather so there is a slightly less premium feel
  • Not recommended for the rainy season as the external material will get damaged easily with water
K London Leatherite Handmade Men’s Laptop Bag photo

7. The Clownfish Vegan Leather Men’s Laptop Bag

So veganism is the trend and probably the need of the hour. The USP of this laptop bag is that it is made from vegan leather. It gives you the premium feel of leather at a very affordable price. The sophisticated looks and a sleek finish give it a professional look. So if you want to not only sound cool but also look cool and stylish, look no further than the Clownfish Vegan Leather Men’s Laptop Bag


  • Premium look and feel
  • Expandable design with a lot of internal space
  • Reinforced metal zippers and sliders
  • Water resistant to a certain degree


  • Not suitable for bigger laptops
  • Cannot hold a lot of documents and other stuff
The Clownfish Vegan Leather Men’s Laptop Bag photo

8. HP Odyssey Men’s Laptop Bag

This one is my favorite one on my list because I am using it for 3 years and I couldn’t be happier with it. When it comes to overall satisfaction this one ranks top on all factors. This one is the Indian version of the same backpack that is available in the US.

It has a large padded laptop compartment on the rear side and huge storage in the front. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best laptop bags for men in India that comes from a world-renowned brand.


  • Huge storage space and many compartments including hidden pockets
  • Padded from all sides and super comfortable padded straps
  • Two straps to hold at the top and in the front
  • Highly water resistant


  • Slightly heavy weight due to heavy-duty material
  • Leather-like design needs regular care not suitable for rough use
  • The top flap is slightly small so it’s a little difficult to stuff your clothes inside
HP Odyssey Men’s Laptop Bag photo

9. Case U Polyester Men’s Laptop Bag India

This laptop bag rather like a laptop case is claimed to be the laptop armor. It has 360-degree protection for your laptop and is ultra-lightweight. It has only one zip on the side which makes it secure and it’s difficult for thieves to steal your belongings from it.

It also looks pretty stylish and comes in a bunch of different colors making it one of the best men’s laptop bags in India.


  • Padding on all sides gives extra protection
  • Sleek design and light weight make it easy to carry
  • Durable with water and tear-resistant polyester fabric
  • Enough organizer pockets for accessories


  • Needs continuous care as it can get damaged due to dust and dirt
  • Not suitable for large laptops over 15 inches
Case U Polyester Men’s Laptop Bag India photo

10. GODS Zarc Anti-Theft Men’s Laptop Backpack

Any list of best laptop bags for men in India is not complete without the God’s Ghost bags. They provide the most futuristic and practical bags thus it has made their way to our list of the best laptop bags for men in India.

The Gods Zarc is a slightly affordable version of the original Gods Ghost Bag. Its USP is that it is theft-proof which is a big advantage for users in India. The zipper of the laptop compartment is fully concealed. Thus, it is difficult for anyone to easily steal your valuables.


  • The secure and safest option in the market
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • High-quality material and fabric
  • Theft insurance


  • Slightly more costly than other options on the list
  • Not many accessory pockets
GODS Zarc Anti-Theft Men’s Laptop Backpack photo

FAQs About Best Laptop Bags For Men In India

Which brand is the best for laptop bags in India?

Among all the brands that we reviewed, we found that Hammonds is the best brand for laptop bags in India.

Which backpack is best for a laptop in India?

The Gods Zarc Anti-Theft backpack is the best backpack for a laptop in India as it provides safety and functionality with good looks.

What material is the best for laptop bags?

If you plan on using the laptop bag outdoor, they use the ones that are made out of nylon as they’re waterproof. If you don’t need a waterproof bag, then you can go for a leather or vegan leather laptop bag.

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