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5 Reasons Why The Indian Youth Should Say No To Drugs And Choose Fitness – By Sajad Bhat

Navigating the turbulent waters of youth can be both magical and formidable, but one decision can steer the course towards luminance or lead into an ominous abyss: choosing between drugs and fitness. In the heart of India’s vivacious tapestry, lies the vibrant potential of its youth, who stand at the crucial crossroads between fleeting intoxication and lasting wellness. With insightful guidance from Sajad Bhat, let us illuminate why embarking on the path of fitness over drugs is not only an act of resilience but also that of wisdom. Here are five compelling reasons to lace up your sneakers and bid adieu to substances that shadow the spirit and shackle the body.

Drug abuse is a huge societal issue across the world and India is not far behind. Lakhs of youth in India are victims of drug abuse each year and the number keeps on growing each year.

Thus, it is essential for the youth, who are the country’s future, to say no to drugs and choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves, their loved ones, and society in general.

In today’s article, we chatted with fitness influencer Sajad Khan who is a strong advocate of this movement and has encouraged thousands of young Indians to kick the bad habit of drugs and take fitness as their new healthy habit.

Below are the 5 reasons you should say no to drugs and choose fitness as per Sajad.

Don’t Let Drugs Control You When You’re In Control Of Your Future

Drug abuse not only spoils your present but also your future. Being under the influence of drugs makes you incapacitated to focus on studies or work. If you are a student, you are bound to fail your exams and put your career at risk.

If you’re working or looking for a job, most companies will not employ someone who is a drug user. Thus, your opportunity of making a living is in peril due to drug abuse.

Aim High But Don’t He High

A lot of drug users do not have any aspirations. They only live in the moment and once their high wears out, they look at the next hit. This is a vicious cycle and never ends unless they quit using drugs.

Feel Healthier And More Fit

Drugs take a severe toll on your health and once you quit them, your body slowly starts to become normal. Following a strict exercise regime will help your body repair itself from the damage that the drugs have done to it.

Look Your Best

Drug and substance abuse takes a huge toll not only on your health but also on your appearance. From stained teeth to bloodshot eyes, it affects each part of your face. Also, your expressions and behavior change and it makes you look sad and depressed throughout the day.

Your posture and body language are also affected due to the adverse effects of drugs on your body. Thus it is important to get rid of these habits if you want to look your best.


Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the leading causes of motor accidents. A Drug Addict Is Far More Likely To End Up In A Car Crash Or Other Type Of Accident That May Result In Serious Or Even Fatal Injuries.

Spending So Much Time Under The Influence Of Drugs Tends To Dull The Senses, Increase Reaction Time, And Impair Judgment, Whether Or Not The Person Is High At The Time Of The Accident


Currently, There Are Around 10 Crore People In The Country Who Are Addicted To Various Narcotics Substances,” Citing Data Of The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). A staggering 1.58 crore children aged between 10 and 17 years are addicted to substances in the country.

About 16 crore people consume alcohol and more than 5.7 crore individuals are affected by harmful or dependent alcohol use and need help And We Work For Those People Who Are Willing To Leave Drugs And Are Not Able To Pay Money

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