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Top 10 Best Gym Shoes For Men In India (2024) – For All Types Of Workouts From Cardio To Training

Health and fitness are two things on everyone’s top priority list, post-pandemic. Everyone is doing something or the other to keep themselves active and have a high immunity level. Yoga, running, gym, or sports people are trying to inculcate fitness in their routine, because of which physical fitness centers and gyms are more flooded with fitness freaks!

But if you wear the wrong shoe during the training in the gym you may end up hurting yourself. So here we have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Gym Shoes For Men In India (2024).

Types Of Gym Shoes For Men

Usually, when we go to purchase shoes we ask the salesman to show us some good and comfortable shoes. Many of us have the perception that all sports shoes are the same. But this is a myth. With the advancement in techniques and technology different shoe has been designed for different purposes. So here is the category into which Best Gym Shoes can be categorized:

Running Shoes

This type of shoe is a lightweight shoe that is designed for the purpose of running. It has forefoot and heel cushioning so that it can absorb up to four times the body weight of the user. When you wear it, your foot is centered on the platform of the shoe, it is neither sloppy nor loose. So running shoes keep you safe and sound while running and walking.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are more firm, rigid, and heavier than running shoes. They fit firmly on the pedal of the cycle and give a good grip to cyclists when cycling. These shoes have a stiff bottom which makes cycling easy and less tiring.

Weightlifting Shoes

Weight lifting shoes also known as Squat shoes are designed for lifting weights or to support other lower body exercises. They have a half to one-inch raised heel, to support weight lifting and a toe box and toe guards to provide stability and security to the foot. So wearing them gives strength and safety to your foot.

Crossfit Training Shoes

Crossfit training shoes also known as CrossFit trainers or just trainers are designed for the various types of movement of your foot during different types of exercise. They are a hybrid type of shoe that supports the athlete’s multiple types of movements.

Top 10 Best Gym Shoes For Men In India

1. Reebok Men’s Kyrus 1.0 Gym Shoes

Reebok Men’s Kyrus 1.0 Gym Shoes photo
  • Lightweight running shoe with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Comfortable fit with lace closure
  • Surface type – Hard
  • Eva sole and upper material – textile

The first one on our list of the best gym shoes for men in India are the Kyrus 1.0 shoes from Reebok. It is available in three color options LGH Solid Grey- Black, Pure Grey Flat Grey Semi Solar, and the last one is Ash grey – Semi Neon Mint. High on comfort, these shoes wrap around your feet perfectly. Kyrus Running Shoe has a regular arch with ankle height.

2. Puma Men’s Supernal Nu 2 Idp Running Shoes

Puma Men’s Supernal Nu 2 Idp Running Shoes photo
  • Vibrant color and pattern across the body of the shoe
  • Upper material textile
  • Midsole EVA
  • Sock-like heel collar and soft sole

Puma Men’s Supernal Nu Idp Running Shoes have been perfectly designed for running. It’s fully textile upper provides flexibility, and the EVA midsole protects the knee and foot from the effect of thrust while running. Available in eleven color options to choose from, this shoe is a perfect blend of style and comfort.

3. Adidas Men’s Adistound M Shoes

Adidas Men’s Adistound M Shoes photo
  • Mesh outer material
  • Rubber sole material
  • Three stripe printing
  • Elegant shoe at an affordable price

Adidas Men’s Adistound M Shoes have unique features and specifications. Its single-tone breathable mesh gives a fresh look to the shoe. This shoe has a rubber sole which makes its grip perfect. Its four-color availability allows the buyer to choose according to his stock. Undoubtedly they are the best gym shoes for men in India for 2024.

4. Sparx Men’s Running Shoes

Sparx Men’s Running Shoes photo
  • Outer material is mesh
  • Ethylene Poly Vinyl sole
  • Lace-up closure type
  • Bouncy mid sole and cushioned insole

Sparx is a subsidiary of Relaxo footwear, which is an Indian manufacturer of footwear. So Sparx is a Made-in- India product. Sparx running shoes can be used for walking, running, or as casual shoes for all-day purposes. Dark Grey Neon Green, Navy Blue Neon Orange, Black Red, and Dark Olive Yellow are the four color options available to suit one’s needs.

5. Nike Men’s Flex Contact 2 Dark Grey/RED OR Training Shoes

Nike Men’s Flex Contact 2 Dark GreyRED OR Training Shoes photo
  • Lightweight comfortable shoe with minimal design
  • Made from recycled material
  • Wider under the mid foot
  • Stretchy fabric with mesh on upper part

Being lightweight Nike Men’s Flex gym and training shoe keeps you fresh all day long. Its stretchy fabric above the toe provides a contour to the foot. It has grooves on the sole which provide natural and flexible movements. Although it has laces type closure, its pull tab gives easy on and off. If you do not have an issue with the budget then you should definitely choose these shoes are they are one of our top choices in the best men’s gym shoes in India for 2024.

6. Adidas Razen Running Sports Shoes for Men

Adidas Razen Running Sports Shoes for Men photo
  • Sole type is rubber
  • Outer material is Mesh and Inner material is Cotton
  • Pronation is Neutral
  • Lightweight and many colour options

Adidas Razen Running Sports shoes are one the best gym shoes for men in India. It is extremely stylish yet there is no compromise on comfort. Its rubber sole provides a good grip and contributes to its strength and being lightweight. Because of its high-level comfort, it can be used for all-day purposes, for jogging or for walking. Its usage can be changed according to the requirements.

7. Puma Men’s Emergence Running Shoe

Puma Men’s Emergence Running Shoe photo
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Full length sculpted EVA midsole
  • Soft-foam plus sockliner
  • Lace type closure

Puma Men’s Emergence Shoes are a part of the Contemporary essential line. The upper of the shoe has been molded into a bootie construction for easy take on and off. The EVA midsole gives immediate cushioning with every step you take. It’s EVA outsole gives good traction and an outstanding grip. All these features have helped this shoe to take a position in the Top 10 Best Gym Shoes for men in India.

8. Reebok Men’s Jung 21 W Running Shoes

Reebok Men’s Jung 21 W Running Shoes photo
  • Synthetic outer material
  • Lace type closure
  • Toe style round
  • Lightweight and soft cushioning

Reebok shoes are known for their quality. And Reebok Men’s Jung 21 W has maintained this notion. Its cushioning provides much-needed comfort to the toe, midfoot, and heel. Its material allows the sweat to dry off almost instantly. This is one of the good products to buy. It is a total value for money product and thus it has made its way to our list of the best men’s gym shoes in India.

9. Adidas Men’s Quickflow M Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s Quickflow M Running Shoe photo
  • Rubber sole
  • Upper material mesh
  • Outsole is rubber
  • Light-weight (just 250 grams!)

Adidas Quick Flow M Running shoes have a soft sole. It makes your walk, runs or jog extra smooth and comfortable. Its stylish design and great features make it more suitable for the protection of your feet. The rubber sole provides it a good grip on any type of surface whether smooth or rugged. You will definitely enjoy wearing this product.

10. Nike Men’s Free Rn Flyknit 3.0 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Free Rn Flyknit 3.0 Running Shoes photo
  • Outsole type marking
  • Slip on closure type
  • Mesh outer material
  • Minimalistic design

Nike is a trusted brand in shoes not only in India but in the whole world. This product has positive feedback on its design, comfort, and flexibility. Its minimalistic design and neutral pronation have set it apart from its contemporaries. Implausibly, it is one the best shoe in the list of Top 10 Gym shoes for Men’s in India.

Gym Shoes Buying Guide For Men In India

Choose As Per The Type Of Exercise

Different types of exercise involve different types of foot movement. And in today’s time, technology has advanced so much, that depending upon the frequency and type of muscles used in a different types of foot motions, various types of shoes have been made. For example, running involves lots of running so we need to have midsole protection so running shoes are designed with thicker midsole.

Cycling requires a good grip on the pedal of the cycle, so cycling shoes have soles according to that factor. Hence when gym shoes are being designed according to the need of customers, the customer should also be aware to choose the right type of product. We have already described various types of shoes for various activities at the beginning of the article, so mentioning them again over here will be a repetition only. So please go through it once again if you skipped it!

Brand Matters

The brand is not built in a day! A manufacturer makes a product and it is used by people. If that product meets the requirement of the user and its quality is maintained throughout by the manufacturer, then it wins the trust of the people. This is not a one-day or a one-year process. It is built gradually with time.

It has certain qualities associated with it because of which such profile got built. So going with the brand is always advisable, especially with shoes. This we can say because injury minimization should be taken care of during sports or any other physical movement. Brands have done their research on this, and they have come up with such types of products. So go for them and reduce the probability of injuries!

Comfort Is More Important Than Looks

Sometimes shoe manufacturer has to incorporate a few things into the design for the sake of safety. Like extra cushioning might increase the thickness of the sole. This may hamper the beauty of the shoe, many people don’t like shoes with a raised height of sole! But it is very important in regards to comfort and protection of the foot. hence always keep comfort as a criterion while buying gym shoes instead of looks!

Consult Your Trainer Before You Buy Your Gym Shoes

The trainer knows in and out of the needs of the feet during gym training. They are also aware of the various shoes available in the market and how they perform in real life. Also, individual differences might be associated with the shoe requirement. For example, some people have fewer arch in their feet by birth. So they need a special type of insole for the protection of their feet.

All these factors are easily resolved with the trainer’s consultation. Such things have to be seriously taken care of, to have long-term comfort and stability. Else the trouble associated with it might force you to quit the gym in a few days!

Hence do invest time and money while buying shoes. Check your requirements, the type of workout you intend to do, and do thorough research about the shoe you have an eye on. Consult the trainer. And you are good to go. Be active, stay fit, and enjoy your workout.

This was all about the Top 10 Best Gym Shoes For Men In India. Did we miss any of your favorite ones in the list? Do let us know in the comments below.

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