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What To Wear In Goa – The Ultimate Guide To The Clothes To Wear In Goa For Guys

First of all we wish you many congratulations. That is because you are reading this list about ‘What to wear in Goa‘. This means that your Goa plans have finally materialized. According to a recent study by the world top researchers, 99.99% of the Goa trip plans made worldwide are cancelled. But yours went through. And now you have a new challenge.. What do I wear in Goa?? 

Worry not. We have compiled this ultimate guide for you that will help you plan for exactly what to wear in Goa for any occasion be it the beach, the club, the restaurant or any other locations.

Men’s Bag Packing Checklist For Goa Trip

Before we look at the list of what clothes to wear in Goa for guys, let us look at the essential items that you need to carry along with you during the trip.

  1. Sunscreen: Lots of it. Your’e gonna need it on the beach, the roads, the forts, the pool and everything that falls under the category ‘outdoor’.
  2. Polarized Sunglasses: Same purposes as listed in point no. 1
  3. Flip-Flops & Sandals: You can wear them the beach, shacks, sightseeing, etc
  4. Cap/Hat: To save your brain from getting fried.
  5. Camera: If your phone camera is not good enough
  6. Govt Issued ID Cards (Aadhar card, Pancard, Driving License,etc): You need it for entering the clubs and hotels
  7. Moisturizer: You will need it after a dip in the ocean. Rub it generously over your body
  8. Lip-Balm: No man is manly enough to say no to lip balm
  9. Helmets: Many people forget this if you drive down to Goa but you’ll need it if you rent a bike once you reach there for to roam locally.
  10. Face Wash/Shampoo/Body Wash: For the exact purpose that they were invented for.

If we have missed out anything, please mention it in the comments below.

Now that your bag is packed with all the essentials, let us have a look at the thing that you are here for. To decide what to wear in Goa, we need to look at four major locations that you would visit as a tourist, the beaches and shacks, the clubs, casinos, the restaurants, and the sightseeing spots.

Different types of dressing are required at all these locations because you don’t want to go to the beach wearing a black silk shirt with jeans. And you don’t want to go to the club wearing salmon pink shorts with an Avengers t-shirt.

What To Wear In Goa At The Beach

When you are in Goa, you have to visit the beaches. Goa has some of the best beaches in India at they attract millions of tourists every year from around the world. The beaches are full of lively people and music during the early mornings and the evenings and these are the times that you want to show off your amazing body along with your awesome beachwear.

Then there are the world-renowned Goa ‘Shacks’. They are seasonal restaurants on the beach that have seating mostly outdoor and in the sand. So here are the beachwear essentials in Goa.

Swimming Trunks (No Boxer Please)

Swimming Trunks (No Boxer Please) photo

On the beaches in Goa you will see a lot of men wearing boxers. Guys! They’re not made for the beaches. Boxers are a type of underwear and not beachwear. The right shorts to wear at the beach are swimming trunks. 

These are the type of shorts made especially for swimming. They are longer than boxers and reach just a little above your knees. Plus, they are made out of materials that dry quickly. Boxers are made from cotton which doesn’t dry easily.

What Kind Of Shorts To Wear In Goa

In the image below, you can see the right kind of short that you can wear at the beaches in Goa. They look cool and also make you feel cool at the same time. A big shoutout to Vijay Bhola for sharing this picture with us. He is an avid traveler and is quite active on Instagram. You can follow him on Instagram @my_life_inpixels

Go For Quick-Dry Material

Go For Quick-Dry Material photo

Wear shorts that are made from quick-dry material if you plan on going into the water. Avoid shorts made from 100% or even 50% cotton. Try to wear shorts made from polyester or any other synthetic material if you want to swim.

If you are hydrophobic and do not plan on entering the water, you can wear cotton shorts. In this case, they are the best option for you because cotton will keep you cool when you are sitting on the beach enjoying that ice-cold beer.

Did You Know?

Quick-dry fabrics are made mostly from synthetic materials like nylon, polyester or from natural materials like merino wool. But not all fabrics made from these materials are actually ‘quick-dry fabrics. They need a special chemical treatment at the time of dyeing to give it a quick dry property.

Colorful and Floral Printed Shirts

While chilling on the beach, you want to cover up your body to protect it from those harmful UV rays from the sun. Thus, when possible try to wear a full sleeve shirt. You can go for pastel colors with bright shades like yellow, blue, green and pink. You can also go for floral shirts as they are in vogue right now. If you’re looking for the best Goa dress for men, wear a floral shirt with a colorful pair of shorts.

Below you can see Ravi Agrawal sporting this cool floral shirt which is perfect for a day at the beach. You can follow him on Instagram @the_bhola_bhala_ladka

Ravi Agrawal is all set to hit the beach with this cool floral shirt photo
Ravi Agrawal is all set to hit the beach with this cool floral shirt
Colorful and Floral Printed Shirts photo

Bright Colors

Make sure you wear bright colors at the beach. Below is an example of a bright shirt that is perfect for your Goa trip whether youre at the beach or anywhere else. (Pro-Tip: Bright colors also make your photos look good)

Vikrant Taliyan looks dashing in this shirt that is sure to attract a lot of eyeballs at the beach. You can follow him on Instagram @vikrant.taliyan.2001

A perfect shirt to wear in Goa photo
A perfect shirt to wear in Goa
Bright Colors photo


T-Shirts photo 2024

Well this is a big no brainer. If you’re on the beach, then a classic t-shirt would be the most convenient choice for you. They are easy to carry, wear, wash and in case you spoil them can be disposed easily without a lot of pain.

If you don’t want to go with the plain old boring t-Shirts, you can try floral printed t-shirts like the one Vijay Bhola is sporting in the picture below. T-shirts are one of the top choices of clothes to wear in Goa for guys.

T-shirts are one of the top choices photo

Sleeveless T-Shirts/Vests

Sleeveless T-ShirtsVests photo

In case you prefer to cut down the heat even more or want to show off those biceps that you have been working on, you can go for a sleeveless t-shirt. Just like their counterparts mentioned above, they are a very versatile piece of garment and are perfect for your visit to the beach be it during the day or night.

Below is Vikrant Taliyan looking cool in a white outfit that is functional as well as good looking at the same time.

Vests make you stay and look cool photo
Vests make you stay and look cool
Vests make you stay and look cool photo 2

Printed Shirts With Matching Shorts (Co-Ord Sets)

Printed Shirts With Matching Shorts (Co-Ord Sets) photo

For a more stylish Goa beach look, you can wear a matching pair of printed shirt and shorts. The combo featured below by Pratiush Aggarwal will accentuate Goa beachwear look.

pratiush5 photo

A Sporty Vest Paired With Cool Shorts

A Sporty Vest Paired With Cool Shorts photo

One of the most favorite outfits to choose when you want to decide ‘What to wear in Goa’ is a pair of sporty vest and shorts. As seen in the image below, go for a sports vest and not your regular baniyan. Guys please avoid wearing baniyans on the beach at all costs! The best Goa dress for men is a pair of cool shorts with a sporty vest.

JonQui Dutta (Image Below) a highly talented Indian percussionist and also hold the title ‘Godfather of DJ percussionists’ can be seen in this cool picture wearing the perfect outfit for a Goan beach. Click here to follow him on Instagram.

A Sporty Vest Paired With Cool Shorts photo 2

What To Wear In Goa At For Sight Seeing

The most preferred duration to visit Goa is in the summer and winters. Although the climate in Goa is pretty good around the year but it is slightly warmer during the day time. Other than the beaches, the sights that people visit in Goa are mostly forts, temple, churches, museums, and resorts. You will usually visit these places during the day when the temperature will be higher.

Thus, you want to wear clothes that make you feel cool and comfortable. You want to avoid tight clothes and those made from synthetic material. Let us look at the options that you can wear to keep you comfortable without spoiling your look for that perfect sightseeing day in Goa.

Comfortable Denims/Jeans

Although invented for mine workers, a man can wear a good pair of jeans for any occasion or place at any time of the day. Thus, when you are sightseeing in Goa, you can wear your favorite jeans as long as they are comfortable and allow you to move freely. Pair them with a cool t-shirt and you are good to go.

classic white t-shirt that can be a perfect photo

Cotton Shirts Paired With T-Shirts

Cotton Shirts Paired With T-Shirts photo

For the evening, you can pair a cotton half-sleeve shirt for a cool look. You can wear this even for the clubs or any restaurant or resorts.

Dressing Ideas For Goa Sightseeing

Below we have featured some amazing dressing ideas and styles for your inspiration. You can mix and match any of these styles shown below. A big shoutout to our featured Instagrammers for letting us share these images with you.

pratiush3 photo

The look featured above by Pratiush Aggarwal is great when you are going for sightseeing in Goa. You can wear a cool pair of denim shorts and lightweight floral shirt and finished with casual shoes or sneakers during your next Goa trip..

What To Wear In Goa In Clubs

There are no doubts that Goa is lively during the day but at night, it transforms into a world class nightlife destination. There are many clubs, casinos, lounges and discotheques in Goa where you can relax, dance and enjoy at night till early morning.

Pro Tip

Some clubs and restaurants in Goa will not allow you to enter if you are not wearing the proper attire. Some of them won’t allow you inside if you’re wearing sandals and flip-flops instead of shoes. Always carry a pair or two of good shoes with you to Goa. Also, some casinos and clubs do not allow entry to men wearing shorts. Its always safe to call them up and ask for their dress code before going.

Smart Casuals

Smart Casuals photo

In most of the clubs, you can wear smart casuals. Above we have compiled a gallery of the type of clubwear that you can wear. Unless there is a dress code, you need not wear formal suits or tuxedos. A great option for a Goa dress for men for clubbing is a good casual shirt paired with jeans, chinos or trousers and casual shoes, loafers or boots.

Goa Clubbing Style Ideas

Featured above is the stylish Pratiush Aggarwal who has pulled off the perfect look for clubbing in Goa. Just like the look featured above, try to wear think and light fabrics that will make you Goa club night outs a breeze.

What Not To Wear In Goa

Now that we all have a pretty good idea about what to wear in Goa, let us also look at what NOT to wear in Goa. This is the list of this that you want to avoid wearing while in Goa.

  1. Avoid going to the beach dressed only in underwear (briefs, frenchies,  baniyans, etc). No doubt you’ll feel very comfortable but they people around you may feel very uncomfortable.
  2. Do not wear slippers/flipflops/sandals to a club. Some clubs don’t allow it. Even if they let you in, its not the proper footwear for a club.
  3. Do not carry thick clothing like sweaters, leather jackets. You will rarely need it as the weather tends to get pretty warm during the summers. You can carry full sleeve cotton t-shirt if the weather gets a little cold at night.
  4. Avoid wearing Shorts/Swimwear in clubs and casinos. Its ok to wear shorts at the shacks but avoid wearing them in casinos/clubs as the bouncers may not allow you to enter.
  5. Avoid wearing jewelry and expensive watches/sunglasses. There have been cases where people got their expensive belongings lost or stolen at the beach. So the best course of action is to avoid wearing such expensive stuff especially on the beach.

With this, we come to an end to this list of ‘What to wear in Goa’. We hope that after going through this article, you will be stress free while packing for that amazing Goa trip that you were eagerly waiting for.

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